Training on Financial and Investigative Audits

By Anastasia Dujmovic

Majuro, MH – For many audit agencies, the ultimate goal is to examine, assist and teach government departments how to effectively manage public money and prevent fraud by practicing good governance, risk management and internal controls.

The Office of the Auditor-General (OAG) was established to conduct audits of the entire Republic of the Marshall Islands’ agencies and activities. In order to successfully achieve the office’s aims of undertaking high quality audits and serving as a leader in delivering public audit services, OAG staff and employees attend trainings for professional growth.

OAG invited Mr. Martin Ruben from Ruben Consulting to conduct training from October 21st to 25th, 2019, on financial and investigative audits. The two main goals of the training were to enhance auditing skills for financial auditors and to provide basic training on investigation to new investigators.

Auditor-General Junior Patrick, Assistant Auditor-General Atmita Jonathan, OAG’s management team, financial auditors, performance auditors and fraud investigators, and two auditors from Deloitte & Touche successfully completed the training and received certification of completion.

All attendees benefitted as they enhanced their competency and obtained certificate of professional education (CPE) hours required to continue working in the audit organization. Attending and hosting trainings are some of the ways Office of the Auditor-General contribute staff and employees’ personal, professional and overall organizational growth. OAG is grateful for the Graduate School for providing this capacity building opportunity for benefits of its staffs.

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