Iakwe and Welcome to the official website of the Office of the Auditor-General (OAG) of the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

The OAG is responsible for executing the audit function of the Government of the Republic of the Marshall Islands and is empowered to conduct audits on accounting records, accounts, internal control system, operations, and programs of government institutions. It also plays key role in ensuring sustainable financial management as well as economical, effective, and efficient use of public resources through its audits with quality and objectivity.

The OAG also has a special duty to prevent and detect fraud, waste and abuse in the collection and expenditure of all public funds.

The main purpose of this site is to provide convenient access to our reports and a greater awareness of the role of the Auditor-General. In particular we would encourage our leaders and those charged with management and governance to review our reports and respond accordingly, in the interest of our people and country.

We hope that you will find the website informative and welcome your suggestions for improvements.

Ilo Kautiej,

Junior Patrick

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Promotes transparency and accountability
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Promotes efficiency, effectiveness and economy
Prevents and detects fraud, waste and abuse in the collection and expenditure of all public funds.

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Enabling Legislations

Auditor-General Amendment Act

The Auditor-General is required to refer matters requiring administrative remedies directly to the respective agency to institute administrative disciplinary proceedings when determination of fault or wrongdoing is by agency’s employees.


Auditor-General (Definition of Duties, Functions and Powers) Act of 1986

The Auditor-General has a special duty to “prevent and detect fraud, abuse, and waste in the collection and expenditure of all public funds”


RMI Constitution

The Auditor-General shall audit the public funds and accounts of the Republic of the Marshall Islands.


Ethics in Government Act of 1993

The Auditor-General is a member of the Government Ethics Board and has responsibility to enforce the ethical conduct principles stipulated in the Act


Local Government Act 1980

The Auditor-General is the auditor for Twenty-Four (24) local governments.