Office of the Auditor-General Announces Its New Financial & Compliance Audit Manager, MR. Iowane Tiko.

Majuro, MH, July 14th, 2020- The Office of the Auditor-General (OAG) announces today the hiring of its new Audit Manager for Financial & Compliance Auditing Department, Mr. Iowane P. Tiko.

Mr. Tiko brings over 5 years of professional experience in the financial auditing field. Previously, Mr. Tiko worked at the PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), a multinational professional services network of firms which offers business advisory services such as auditing, accounting, taxation, strategy management, and human resource consulting services, in Suva, Republic of Fiji.

As the Financial Audit Manager, Mr. Tiko is responsible for managing and directing all financial/compliance audit engagements of OAG, including planning the audit engagements, developing audit program and scope for staff to follow; and finalize all audit reports for final review and issuance.

OAG strives to strengthen its capability to improve accountability and governance across the public institutions through its audits. “The recent recruitment of Mr. Tiko demonstrates the OAG’s commitment to strengthen its capability to fulfill its audit responsibility. OAG is delighted to have Mr. Tiko on board who brings in great experience in the area of financial auditing” says Mr. Junior Patrick, the Auditor-General.

 “The prospect of working for the Office of the Auditor-General- RMI will be personally very exciting, humbling and definitely reignite my passion for auditing,” Tiko says. “I am eager to make a positive contribution towards the OAG and also for the country and economy as a whole.”

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