Financial Audit Group Photo III
Promotes transparency and accountability
Performance Audit Division III
Promotes efficiency, effectiveness and economy
Investigation Unit Image III
Detects fraud, waste and abuse of public funds in the collection and expenditure of all public funds

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Enabling Legislations

RMI Constitution

The Auditor-General shall audit the public funds and accounts of the Republic of the Marshall Islands.


Local Government Act 1980

Audit of twenty four (24) local governments


Auditor-General (Definition of Duties, Functions and Powers) Act of 1986

“To prevent and detect fraud, abuse, and waste in the collection and expenditure of all public funds” and to conduct performance (look at operation, efficiency and effectiveness of government program and functions) and program result audit


Ethics in Government Act of 1993

The Auditor-General is a member of the Government Ethics Board and has responsibility to enforce the ethical conduct principles stipulated in the Act